In brief…

I work as an independent facilitator helping organisations, groups and teams to make the changes they need to make – particularly when conflict plays a part. I am an accredited workplace mediator working as an impartial third party with people who need to negotiate with each other but are finding it difficult. And I provide coaching for people who want a safe space in which to explore the challenges they face.

I’m a facilitator

I work in ways that make it more likely that a group of people working together will achieve the outcome they want. I take care of the process – so that everyone else can work on the issues. Being independent is a great asset – I don’t have a vested interest in a particular outcome. I do however have a lot of experience of what helps groups to work well and I can share that with the group both in planning events and in carrying them out.  My particular strengths lie in enabling people to use conflict constructively.

I’m a workplace mediator

I help people who have a dispute or disagreement at work to improve their relationship and to negotiate. I join the people in dispute as an impartial third party who doesn’t make any judgements about who’s in the right or who’s in the wrong. And I make sure that the outcome of the process remains firmly in the hands of the people who are in conflict. I enable people to focus on the future and to resolve issues from the past.

I’m a coach

I work one-to-one with people who want a safe space in which to talk and think about the issues they are facing, providing them with an opportunity to reflect on what they find difficult and challenging, and to develop strategies and practical ways forward.  I specialise in helping people to prepare for difficult conversations – those conversations we know we need to have but would prefer to avoid if at all possible.  I enable people to find a way to “grasp the nettle” drawing on my experience as a mediator working with people in conflict.

You may like to know that I am a member of the Civil Mediation Council; an accredited mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR); and a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (MCIPD).  I am also an associate consultant at Mediation at Work (, an independent provider of workplace mediation services since 2000.